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Keratin Treatment $125 & up

Kerastase Hair and Scalp Treatments

Color Radiance Treatments

-for all hair types lacking shine and radiance

Reconstructing Treatments

-for weakened, dry, damaged hair

Volumizing Treatments

-for mature, thinning hair
-for fine hair

Age Resisting Treatments

-for devitalized, brittle, mature hair
-for tight scalp

Nourishing Treatments

-customized levels of intense nourishment for dry to extremely dry, brittle hair
-for fine and vulnerable hair

Smoothing and Hydrating Treatments

-for thick, curly and rebellious hair
-provides 24 hour frizz protection
-intense volume reduction

Vitality Replenishing Treatments

-for all hair types

Scalp Balancing Treatments

-for dry scalp
-for excessively oily scalp

Rejuvenating Treatments

-for all hair types